Thursday, March 18, 2010

Steven Escobar, The official publicist of LOCAL CELEBRITY LOS ANGELES Season 1

Diversity News Publications is happy to announced the been the official publicist firm of
LOCAL CELEBRITY LOS ANGELES Season 1 (DBA California Talent)
from 1-17-2010 to 3-28-2010.

"It have been a unforgettable ride with lots of memories the I will keep for ever." said Per Steven Escobar, publicist.

He continue "Working with the production team, the judges, vendors, sponsors, media/press, the talent and celebrities have been an unique experience and we hope to do it again soon."

As of this date of this posting here is where we are and want to thanks every one for the amazing to support and for working with us.

"I want to thanks the entire production team for working hard on Local Celebrity Los Angeles, including the singers who love music. Especial thanks to Eric Rowe for hiring me to represent such amazing project/program. Also thanks to Arnold G, for creating the event and getting all of us on the team to work together as a family, which we will be always be." Also I want to give special thanks to Artist and Singer Fawn & Kris Searle for working so hard and been part of the team. Concluded Mr. Escobar.
Because of the hard work as publicist, Diversity News Publications, a public relations firm is been approched to represent actors, models, singers and much more.
About Local Celebrity Los Angeles:
Local Celebrity LA, is a local reality 10 weeks competition which finds new solo musical talent. It was created by Arnold Garcia and produced and directed by Eric Rowe of California Talent as Local Celebrity Los Angeles. The program aims to discover the best singer in the Los Angeles area which culminates in audience voting to determine the winner. Los Angeles has chosen past winner Denicar Bergancia. The Purpose of Local Celebrity Los Angeles is to provide another outlet for so many of our talented singers right here in Los Angeles. This competition may be for those that have been overlooked at some point in the past, or for the new singer that is looking to get started in the industry. For more information visit: and

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