Friday, June 4, 2004


POSTED: 6/6/2004 

January 23, 2004 

Jeremy Lucido 
1825 N. Whitley Avenue Suite 209
Hollywood, California 90028 

Dear Mr. Lucido: 

Since you did not reported to us on 1/2/2004 regarding your status on your duties as Independent Sales Representative/Executive of DIVERSITY NEWS PUBLICATIONS and did not returned my calls, that means that you have automatic quit your position and our Sales Representative Agreement signed on: 12/30/2003 is VOID. 

As of date of this letter you did not responded, so I officially request from you to please return via U.S. mail all materials given to you on 12/30/2003. Send enclosed the bill for the cost of mailing and you will be reimburse. Also please keep in mind that you can not longer represent DIVERSITY NEWS PUBLICATIONS and can not do any business on behalf of us because you are terminated. 

In addition, no sales were made, so no commission or monies are due to you. Please refer to your copy of Sales Representative Agreement. 

If you have any questions regarding this official termination, please feel free to contact me directly at: 213-321-9408. Good luck in your job search. 


Esteban (Steven) Escobar 
Public Relations and Graphic Designer Specialist 

cc: file 
Mabel Martinez, Legal Adviser

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